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Please note: This page IS TOTALLY out of date but I keep it alive for purely nostalgic reasons. My current homepage is at bobcox.com

Picture of Pippin

Picture of Sandy

The pippin.co.uk website has been around since 1999. We live in Stoke Gifford, in South Gloucestershire, near Bristol. My name is Bob Cox. A very long time ago I went to Thornbury Grammar school.

I run Debian Linux on Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage devices and also on more conventional hardware. I also use an Apple iMac.

Added more recently... Additionally I now use a Raspberry Pi which hosts all of my webpages - including this one!

Why the name Pippin? Well, you have heard of Cox's Orange Pippin apples, haven't you?

Additionally, Pippin was a beautiful tabby cat, alas now dead, whose name (and picture) lives on here. Sandy was our Golden Retriever and he has his own webpage here.

Here is a link to my some of my photos.

There are other Cox family webpages - links to these are lower down this page.

Bristol is the home of Concorde which first flew from Filton in 1969. The last Concorde flight ever took place on November 26th 2003 when G-BOAF returned home to Filton.

Finally, I have been a licensed Radio Amateur and have held the callsign G4AEL since 1971, although I am not active these days.

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